Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Hey guys I'm sorry about not posting recently on boys' life but I've been very busy with work. This weekend was a exiting and fun weekend. The pep rally was extremely fun and it was a great turnout!!! It was a great game although we lost. There were a lot of people and it was very enthusiastic. At halftime are marching band came on and put on an exiting performance. Our marching band was number 1 in the state in 2015. After the tough game I called up my parents and they told me they'll be at the high school at 5. The time was 4:45 and I calle de up my parents to see if they were on they're way and they told me that they did it even leave Oceanside because my dad is obsessed with records and he was in Oceanside with my mom record shopping. So my mom told me to walk home with two of my friend but it was a hike. So luckily one of friends told me we could come over and stay for a while. So that's what we did. After my mom picked us up I went back to my house took a shower then went back to friend for a hangout at his house. It was pretty fun. When u got home around 10:30 I fell right asleep. Now it's Sunday and it's the day of football!!! Every Sunday I prep myself for a big day and I check my fantasy every second before 1:00 to make sure my lineup is perfect the way I want it. It's one aclock now and football is on, they're we're a lot of good games but I was prepped up for my jets at 4:25!!! Watching the game was extremely disappointing, the jets played like complete trash. Fitzpatrick had so many opportunities but blew basically all of them. After that my mood changed jurastically and it wasn't for the better. And I ended up going to sleep pretty early that night.  I hope you enjoyed the blog and I'll get back to you soon  !!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

my man Noah !!!! Huge topic on genesis 6-9

In class and for homework in English class we had to read about genesis 6-9. For homework we had to highlight indirect characterization and then note how this describes gods personality. Today in class we used a great new app that I never used called simple mind+ the app makes you branch ideas out in away. By completing this project I learned many new things on the story of Noah's ark and I learned that god is capable of doing whatever he wants and that god can go through many different stages of emotions. My view on god has not changed at all at god.  I will always believe on god and I have no reason to change my belief in god because know one truly knows if this was real or not besides god himself . Although gods characterization didn't match up to what I believed god was like from genesis 6-9 was before reading genesis 6-9 I thought god was more of a positive type of guy and would show mercy for most things on the earth and not go to extreme measures .But after reading genesis 6-9 I realized that god is superior and is capable of doing whatever he wants and that he has emotions too.

Friday, September 23, 2016

PEP RALLY!!! Blog:5

Hey guys I'm writing about my fifth blog today and it's a Friday. If you guys didn't know already I live in Roslyn and today is the pep rally for the high school! Pep rally at our high school is a really big deal but to me I could care less. We were supposed to wear school colors but I completely forgot about but I ended up wearing a duke shirt and coucidently are school are white and blue, so i guess I got lucky. So today was just regular old boring day but because of pep rally, are periods are shorter. today we just did the same old in all my classes and now I have to start studying for my science unit 1  test which I am not exited for at all. But it's Friday today and this week flew by and I'm pretty exiting for this weekend cause it'll be relaxing and I'm pumped for the Jett's game. I just wanted to get in quick blog today because it was a very boring day but I'll have a new blog for you guys tommorow.BYE.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who should be named for the blame of eve getting evicted from the garden??? Blog:4

God should be convicted for getting Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden because god basically indirectly pursueded them to touch the tree. I believe it was gods fault for  getting them kicked out of the garden because god put the tree there in the first place, then he said don't touch the tree and plus god knew ahead of time what they obvouisly were going to do. I think you can't really put any of the blame on eve because god basically set him up for failure by using the old reverse sychology and telling him not to go the tree which basically means in eves head  go to the tree!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"FIRE DRILL!!!" Blog:3

Hey guys today's September 21  and this is my 3rd blog ever. I've realized I really enjoyed blogging and I want to keep blogging. Today in high school it was just a regular old day. Did the same old stuff until fourth period I was taking a test in social studies and the fire bell went off. God sent me a gift because while we were outside I realized I did the test COMPLETELY WRONG!! So tommorow were getting like 15-20 minutes to finish up the test and I'll get back on track and finish the test strong. After school I have junior varsity volleyball practice. Are coach is so chill but he still works us. And then I have tennis after. But I'm pretty relaxed because I don't have s test for the rest of the week, but I already got a bad grade on my math test, so I need to bounce back from that grade. In Spanish were learning boring stuff. And in maths were learning how to use a compass. BORING IF YOU ASK ME!! But it's high school now  and I really have to stop procrastinating and start working like I never worked before. In English though we're learning about how to blog which is why I'm blogging now and I'm already attached. I'll speak to you guys tommorow BYEEE!!!

Can these flood myths be compared? Blog:2

The flood myth of Cañari and the flood myth of Gilgamesh happen to have many similarities as well as many differences. The flood myth of Cañari is believed to that there was a flood one day and everyone had been put to their death from the flood except two brothers that flead to a high mountain. After the flood had occurs it was said that the two brothers had returned two their hut and it happened to be repaired and full of food. The flood myth of Gilgamesh is believed to be that one day in the city of Uruk there was a mass flood and a third of the population was wiped out. After that Gilgamesh goes on a hunt with a friend to kill the beast of the forest. While in the forest Gilgamesh friend dies and he realizes that he isn't immortal and that he can die just like his go friend did. So one day he sets of on. Journey to find Uta-Napishti who has immortality of death. This myth can be rightfully compared to the  myth of Gilgamesh because both story's had a humans surviving. Another detail that can be compared is bot Uta-Napishti and the brothers were in a way both rewarded because the brothers got shelter and Uta-Napishti got eternal life.



Hey guys, I am a regular average 9th grader who just is trying to blog to express myself over the Internet. I enjoy sports and I am not the most fond about school. My content is basically going to be about my every day life in high school. I will be writing about the struggles and the great things about high school. I will also be writing about my daily life even outside of school. Hopefully my blog with brighten up your days and put smiles on your face.